St. Francis Primary School (St. Franziskus Grundschule) in Halle is a very remarkable place: It is one of the first schools in Germany located in a zero-energy building. Special houses like these come with special instructions, e.g. you are not allowed to open a window – an important rule that each pupil needs to keep in mind. For this reason, every little school starter receives this book with explanations, instructions and environment-related projects, written in fun and easy language for children but also suitable for parents or sponsors. All illustrations were made by me.
- Kennst du dich aus im bunten Haus? (Do You Know Your Way Around the Colourful House?)  
Authors: Mahn, Stabe; teachers / Edith-Stein-Schulstiftung des Bistums Magdeburg
(Edith Stein School Foundation established by the Diocese of Magdeburg, Germany) / 2016 -

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