This is a hilarious story about a bear that fell in love with a fish. For that, I drew some crazy pictures/I have made some crazy illustrations, wondering what kind of children they would have together: bear-fish, fish-bears, fibearshs?
- Author: Angela Gerrits / Gecko Children’s Magazine No. 71 / 2019 -
The region of Hettstedt in Germany is famous for its ore mining tradition. Legend has it that the first copper ores were found accidentally by two diggers named Nappian and Neucke. The local Mansfeld-Museum published a book featuring this “Legend of Nappian and Neucke”, and I was asked to do the illustrations.
- Erlebniswelt Museen e. V (Regional Museums’ Association of the Mansfeld-Südharz District) / 2019 -
This book is the perfect guide for kids wanting to sow their own bags. It includes sewing patterns and easy step-by-step instructions. Yeah, let’s start sewing.
- Das Kindernähbuch Taschen (100% selbst gemacht) - 14 Nähprojekte Schritt für Schritt erklärt
Author: Petra Früh / Published by Coppenrath / 2018 -
The German language is changing. Some words have lost their purpose, other words are just not cool any more. And there are new expressions as well, like “YOLO” or “hangry,” used particularly by younger age groups.
This collection of words explains the meaning of rare and new expressions, thus saving them from extinction and preserving them for future generations.
For people of the “older generation” – like me –, this book is also a great guide to understanding teen slang.
- Author: Andrea Schwendemann / Published by Meyers / 2018 -

Since 2017, I occasionally design activity and colouring spreads for GEOmini magazine.
This book is designed for little craftsmen and -women who like to learn the art of carving. Step-by-step instructions tell you what to do and which materials and tools you need. Watch your skills improve while the projects become more challenging with every chapter. Treat yourself with a “Good Job!” sticker after each finished project, and once you’ve completed every challenge, you will receive your “Beaver Certificate.”
- Author: Claudia Seidel / Published by Coppenrath Verlag / 2017 -
St. Francis Primary School (St. Franziskus Grundschule) in Halle is a very remarkable place: It is one of the first schools in Germany located in a zero-energy building. Special houses like these come with special instructions, e.g. you are not allowed to open a window – an important rule that each pupil needs to keep in mind. For this reason, every little school starter receives this book with explanations, instructions and environment-related projects, written in fun and easy language for children but also suitable for parents or sponsors. All illustrations were made by me.
- Kennst du dich aus im bunten Haus? (Do You Know Your Way Around the Colourful House?)  
Authors: Mahn, Stabe; teachers / Edith-Stein-Schulstiftung des Bistums Magdeburg
(Edith Stein School Foundation established by the Diocese of Magdeburg, Germany) / 2016 -

Adas Farben / Lucie Göpfert / 2016 / unpublished

Liebeserklärung an einen Reisenden / Author: Jana Heinicke / 2016 / unpublished

Published by ig metall / 2016

christmas card / Published by Lutherhaus Eisenach / 2016

group exhibition "Fantatitastisch 2" / Curated by Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt / 2016

Aufwachen / Author: Lotte Kinskofer / Gecko Children’s Magazine No. 51 / 2016

Luzies verrückte Welt - Meerschwein gehabt / Author: Anna Lott / Published by dtv junior / 2016

Strixie - Eine Eule auf dünnem Eis (serial) / Author: Christine Fehér/ Published by bt / 2015

Strixie - Eine Eule auf der Wäscheleine / Author: Christine Fehér / Published by cbt / 2015

Ich habe heute leider keine Geschichte für dich, kleine Maus / Author: Dominik Stelzig / Published by Servus / 2015

Luzies verrückte Welt / Author: Anna Lott / Published by dtv junior / 2015

Published by taz. zum Wandel / 2015

Mattis geht auf Reisen / Text and illustration: Lucie Göpfert / 2015 / unpublished

Die Pinguine finden ihr Glück / Author: Johanna Lindemann / Published by Pattloch / 2015


Die lange Reise vom roten Ballon /Lucie Göpfert / 2015
Sponsored by Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt

Warum nur Knallköpfe die Welt vor Killerklobrillen retten können
Author: Thomas Brezina / Markus Hengstschläger / Published by Ecowin / 2014

Weihnachtsgedichte für Kinder / Author: Maria Buchner / Published by Servus / 2014

Herz aus dem Takt / Author: Petra Schirdewahn / Published by Wagner Verlag / 2013

Geh raus und werde Forscher (educational game) / Author: Nicola Berger / Published by moses / 2013

Liedermemory (educational memory) / Published by Dusyma / 2012

Layout and illustration / Published by Familienmagazin pme / 2012

Mein unsichtbarer Freund / Published by ELTERN / 2012

Clown Leo und die Schöpfung / Author: Steffen Schulz / Published by Steffen Schulz / 2012

Der kleine Angsthase / Stage design and graphic design / Published by Hessisches Landestheater Marburg / 2012

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